Gift Ideas Revolutionized

Haven't heard from me in awhile?  Maybe that's because I didn't have anything interesting to say.  Until now...  Got a new site to plug because it's too awesome not to plug.  It's called Gifted Idea and they crowdsource gift ideas via their work from home Idea Team.  Or you can run some advanced searches...they have gifts by occasion (e.g. birthday gift ideas), they have gifts by recipient (e.g. gift ideas for husband), and by type of gift (e.g. thoughtful gift ideas).

So they have a form you fill out when you're crowdsourcing.  You type in all this info, plus also likes and hobbies, and how much you want to spend, and any other relevant info.  This is such a huge help when it comes to buying for my sister, God love her, but she's tough to please.  So check it out: Gifted Idea for all your gift ideas!

Address Labels

Good morning,

Since I just bought a new house, I'm going to have to buy new return address labels, so I was looking all over the internet for a great site with lots of variety and different styles of return address labels. I stopped at, which had an amazing array of label types, and 16,000 different graphics!

The base price for a page of labels is only a dollar, and then you can customize from there. Shipping is very reasonable, too. In fact, they advertise the lowest prices on the internet, but at the same time have high quality labels--you can even purchase labels with genuine gold trim!

Enjoy your new labels, and thanks for reading this sponsored post.


Although I have already lost as much weight as I was hoping, I still get worried when I go out to eat with friends. Tomorrow, I'm heading out to Chili's with an old friend from college, and I'm already feeling anxious about things like whether she'll want to order a sugary, high calorie drink, and whether we'll get a high-fat appetizer, etc. I just feel like now, people think that I should be able to eat anything, because I've already lost the weight. But in reality, I have to be really careful, because it'll come right back on in a heartbeat.

Lowest Bid Wins!

I love Ebay, but sometimes I get burned on there, and I just wish there was an alternative. I think I've found a company that's going to give Ebay a run for their money. It's called bid4prizes, and it's auction-style just like Ebay, but its unique twist is that you bid on products and the *lowest* unique bidder wins. What a concept. What would you do if you won one of the prizes? I could just imagine winning something really amazing--like a cruise--for a penny--I think I would have to give it as a gift to someone less fortunate.

Thank you for reading, this has been a sponsored post.


I'm really excited because I just watched an episode of Flip this house on TLC, and the flippers did some beautiful backyard landscaping that I think I'll model in the house that Collette and I are going to flip. We've already submitted an offer to the seller, and I think it'll be accepted, because this seller just wants to get this property off his hands. For us, it'll be a big project, but I think we're up to the task.


I love look at artwork--it just puts my mind at ease when I'm stressed out. I also love finding out about new, talented artists, and my most recent find is glenn glasgow. I found out about him through his website.

You only need a few seconds on the website to see what Glenn Glasgow's handle is: "what we say is art." He uses art to comment on the recent quotes of public figures, and his talent brings them to life.

I urge you to check out his artwork, which is listed conveniently on his website. Some of it's deep political commentary, some of it's extremely insightful and clever, and some of it's just humorous. But all of it's impressive, and I think you'll like what you see.

Head on over to Glenn's site today.

Want even more information? His biography is below:

Glenn D. Glasgow was born in the British West Indies, his passion includes writing short stories, painting and writing poetry, he has been recognized by the international society o…


I just spoke with three realtors about flipping a home in the Maryland area. They are all very motivated to work with Collette and me, and why wouldn't they be? They would get to mediate two sales in rapid succession. I think I'm going to go with the second realtor I spoke with because she seemed most knowledgeable about the area. Even though the first realtor offered me a rebate on the sale, I don't think he'd be as good at defining the best selling price, and we definitely would want this place sold before we have to start paying on the mortgage.